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Once the stone is quarried, the local artisans begin their craft, shaping sturdy, yet decidedly delicate, wine goblets, champagne flutes, platters, plates and bowls. Although paintings are the most common way to decorate a wall, nature provides a myriad of more fascinating choices.

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Artists have learned how to collect butterflies after their natural death, spread their wings and decoratively frame them for colorful, varied and unique displays. Insects most often considered pests could actually become treasured works of art.

Having framed bugs in your design arsenal is like a secret weapon: unexpected, yet captivating. Some bugs are chosen for their natural colors, like purple-winged locusts or turquoise beetles, while other bugs are chosen for their large size or unique features, such as the giant stick bug with spines or rhinoceros beetle. For more information on any products, services or monthly web specials, please visit www. As one descends, one finds the forgotten pieces of oneself that have been left behind at each wounding.

Earth’s Treasures Showcases Organic Art from Around the World

Reclaiming the parts and continuing downward, one may experience more emptiness and deeper darkness before suddenly bursting into Light at the very nadir of the descent. However, meditation with Rainbow Obsidian can facilitate a more voluntary experience of the depths. Such chosen descents are usually of shorter duration than the ones brought about by crises, and they help one bring the soul closer to conscious awareness.

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Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

Add To Wishlist. Go To Wishlist. Description These Rainbow Obsidian Button Bead Bracelets look absolutely stunning under bright light or natural sunlight. Bead Size: 12 x 7mm Weight.