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And I attached the two stiles, which were 1. I nailed these pieces right to the front edge of the side supports. To figure the height that the top rail needed to be, I determined how far down my crown moulding would come three inches , and added 1. I used MDF for these pieces because it sands easily, and unlike plywood, the edges look finished. With the basic structure of my range hood cover finished, I cut and replaced the small trim on the cabinets. I still need to replace the crown moulding, which I dread.

Crown moulding is my nemesis, and this time I have more angles to work around. Now as far as the door goes, I have two options. The first option would be to make something myself to echo the design over the fireplace mantel, which is just in the next room and very visible from the kitchen.

The second option would be to actually have a cabinet door made to match all of my other kitchen cabinet doors. I order my cabinet doors from this place , and their flat panel doors match my existing doors almost exactly. Replicating the overmantel design from my living room would be cheaper, but it would also add one more different design into my small kitchen, which might be too much. So I still need to give that some more thought. But at least once the little shelf is built, and I do all of my wood filling, sanding, and caulking, I can go ahead and paint my cabinets.

A door can always be painted and installed later. A cabinet door or a design to match the overmantel in the living room? Click here to see Part 2 of this project , where I made some design changes to the range hood cover…. And click here to see the finished range hood cover …. Thank you for this! I love this idea, but unfortunately my hood has the controls to turnit on and off on the front, so I need to be able to access them.

Anyone have any thoughts? Would that not work?

How to Make the DIY Vent Hood

Young House Love built a custom range hood cover where you slip your fingers up to reach the controls. You might check out that blog. Possibly, Maybe I can build a mock up with foam board to see if it will bug me to have to reach up for the controls. There are two controls, one for the light and one for the fan. You make it look so easy! I love our decorative hood but they are way too expensive.

DIY Custom Range Hood Cover

Kudos to you! Mine too. Did I miss the link for the cabinet door place? I forgot to add the link!

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I vote to match your fireplace over mantel, with hidden door. And then it gives you a space to hang something special. What happens should you need to replace the hood? Do you have to tear all this off in order to get the old one out and new one in? If I may ask, how much distance is between the top of the cooktop and the bottom of the new wood hood?

Do they even make doors big enough to cover that massive opening? Would you hinge it on the top? I might need to make some adjustments. Looks like it needs to be 30 inches. I was thinking the same thing. Been there. Not fun. I think that if I had a decorative cover over it she would hate it even more! I think these decorative covers work best for shorties like me!

I am still trying to figure out what I want for ours, it a the double wide chimney behind or stove, and will have to be vented out the ceiling,then attic, once we actually replace the stove. I also vote for cabinet doors to match. Do people do that often? If it does become a problem, I can always have it vent to the outside another reason for using a door and leaving that area accessible. I will include the cut list according to our materials and fan model. I would classify this as an intermediate level project, though if you are keen- I am sure you could work your way through.

Please read through the entire tutorial before tackling this project. To start you will need to determine the full height of your custom wood hood vent. We have 8 foot ceilings. Be sure to check the clearance requirements of your specific hood fan insert, as there are minimum and maximum clearances required between the stove top and fan.

This will be the lower portion of the range hood vent frame. You can use pocket holes and screws , or pre-drill the holes and use wood screws. Pre-drill 3 pocket holes along the front and sides to attach the first row of fir boards at a later step. This will be the uppper portion of the hood vent frame. Cut list for this is:. Now that you have constructed these two rectangles, it is time to mount them in place. Begin by installing the lower frame using wood screws into studs. Check for level, and make sure you are factoring in your clearance requirements.

It is now time to intall the upper portion of the frame using wood screws. I screwed into both the wall and ceiling. The vent will run outside- and we will cut out for appropriate venting through the roof.

How I Built A Range Hood Cover | House Flip | Range hood cover, Kitchen stove, Diy kitchen

Hold up the board, mark the angle with a pencil and rip down on a table saw. Attach support brackets using wood screws. Once you have your frame in place it is time to start working on the visible exterior of the hood fan. This includes constructing 2 side panels, a removable front access panel, a stationary first row and a finished interior frame cover for the fan to attach to. Taking into account the finished height of the vent hood, position first row starting with the front and wrapping the sides.

Attach the first row using the pre-drilled pocket holes.

Have you had any issues with moisture or cleaning the wood surface under the hood surrounding the hood insert? Hello Damaris! Yes, we did talk about that, but MDF is not a structurally sound as plywood and is more subject to moisture issues by the steam etc. Thanks for your visit and good luck with your project! Looks great. If you did it again, would you have insulated inside the enclosure for noise proofing?

Or is the vent quiet enough as is? Hope that helps:. Kudos to you guys for DIYing a range hood. I know Marie! The list still sounds so long!! The hubs is still dragging his feet on the ceilings. Looks fantastic! These renos that go on and on… Ugh! I am so glad to check another thing off the list, too Shauna! Now as soon as our tiling guy is ready we can get that finished. The only big job left is the panelled ceilings. We really need to make a call on that one. The hubs is dragging his feet but I know it will look fantastic!

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Custom DIY Storage Range Hood Tutorial

E-Mail Address. Comments Your custom wood range hood turned out beautifully. What happen if you nee to troubleshoot or replace the unit, ho will you have access to it? Looks wonderful.