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This book has many spoilers in it. Hollywood has come and gone for Jim and Penny, the TV movie about the Classmate Murders has been filmed and shown on TV and their lives are back to normal now. A woman comes into Jim's office one day from a mystery writers organization requesting Jim to join them on a luxury cruise of the Pacific Ocean to give a speech about his book, movie and his adventures being a P.

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It seems mystery writers are a murderous bunch of people and someone doesn't like a few of the writers and a book agent, so people are turning up dead. The Captain of the liner decides to enlist Jim in the hunt for the killer before the cruise goes south. Jim and Penny are joined by Buck and Maria as they try to solve the crime and give the mystery writers something to write about in this ninth book of the Jim Richards murder novels. Well written and couldn't wait to find out what happens next!!! Mystery Cruise Murders has it all!!

Suspense, sex, murder and a plot that leaves you guessing till the end!! I'm not done yet I'm on page Loved it Great job Bob.. Someone is murdering guests on Penny Wickens' daytime talk show and it's now becoming a problem scheduling new guests. Who wants to be next? Penny and Jim have returned from their mystery writers cruise and Penny has settled back into her duties as America's favorite talk show host. When the first guest turns up dead that's not good, but then the next two end up dead, that's cause for concern. Penny turns to Jim for help since the police aren't getting anywhere on the case.

Jim must find the killer before the network pulls the plug on Penny's show, even though her ratings are going through the roof, America wants to see who will die next. Jim, along with Buck, goes on a quest to find the killer but they don't realize that when he runs out of guests to kill, will he go after the hostess? On the side, Earl Daws has quit his job as homicide detective for the Detroit police and has gotten his private investigator's license then convinces Jim to let him join Jim's firm.

Jim agrees and sends Earl on a case of a missing wife. Did the husband do away with her and is asking for help to cover the crime, that's for Earl to find out. Action and murder in this tenth novel of the Jim Richards series of murder novels. A woman tries to commit suicide by jumping off the top of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi, but Lady Luck prevents her from dying. Before she took the plunge she was released from a psychiatric ward for delusions that she has murdered someone.

But did she really kill someone, or is she being set up. Jim, Penny, and Buck, have finally moved to Las Vegas and are trying to start a new life when murder calls again, not making Penny very happy. Jim is asked to help the delusional woman to find her murdered victim or help her to realize there was no murder.

The police can't help if there was no crime, so Jim takes the case. Meanwhile, Buck tries to start a security service but has a run-in with a competing guard company that isn't so nice in requesting Buck to desist in starting his business. Buck isn't going to take it easily, so will there be a battle of the rent-a-cops? Penny has retired from her talk show but Vegas calls her to start a new local morning talk show, will she refuse or become a hot property in Vegas? A man is found dead in his home, covered in what the coroner says were multiple bites of the Black Widow Spider.

But was he attacked by the spiders or were they put on him with murder in mind? Jim Richards is asked to track down the killer by both the police and the widow of the murdered man. After an attempt on the life of a second poker player, it is clear they have a serial killer, but what is his motive? To change the balance of bets in the big million dollar poker tournament or does it go deeper into the online world of Twitter, where a woman stalks the players?

Is she a poker groupie with murder in her heart or is she unwittingly aiding an overly zealous preacher who wants to damn all gambling to hell?

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Someone is murdering men who abuse their wives or children. After four deaths it starts looking like a vigilante is loose in Las Vegas. Deacon is running the case as Lynn has been told she is going to Quantico to train with the FBI, leaving Deacon alone to catch the killer. He turns to Jim for his help and the two go off to track down the vigilante. Is it a local doctor, bent on revenge for helpless victims of abuse?

During the case, Jim and Penny become guardians of a young girl left an orphan by the vigilante, can they handle a child in their household? On the side, Trapper is assigned to a case to follow a woman suspected by her husband of gambling their life savings, but how is she dropping thousands of dollars a day if she has no funds.

Will Jim and Deacon solve the case before more murders of pimps and lawyers gets out of hand, and they need to tie it all up before Lacey and Mac get married. Synopsis: When a man is found dead on the property of the infamous Area 51, the wife comes to Jim Richards to find his killer. Jim takes the case and along with his friend Buck they go to Area 51 to find mysteries on every turn of the case.

Is the death related to the top secret goings on in Area 51? Is there a cover up involving little green men, or just terrestrial beings ready to kill? Will this case lead to the destruction of Las Vegas by a terrorist bent on killing everyone in Sin City with a new Area 51 virus.

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On the side, Trapper goes off to find the missing brother of his lady friend, Sam the bookie and ex-hooker. Can Trapper find the brother or will he find something far more dangerous. All in a days work for the Richards investigating firm in this 14th book of the Jim Richards murder novels. Synopsis: Jim and Buck have returned from Area 51 to chase down a terrorist bent on destroying Las Vegas. They saved the day and are now back to the regular routine, but Jim is given a case to find a missing dead body stolen from a local private mortuary.

He goes to investigate the theft but runs into the murder of a funeral director. It's a dying business but Jim has to now stop whoever is killing people. He enters the world of pricey funerals, embalming bodies and Union strike threats, while Trapper is thrown into a murder when in Denver with his new girlfriend, Sam the bookie and former escort madam. Will they solve the killings as they wait for Sam's brother to have his sex change operation. Will Jim solve the mortuary murders and prevent a crime that could be leading up to a major attack on a visiting dignitary to Las Vegas.

Find out in this 15th book of the Jim Richards murder novels. Free Toe Tag with purchase of the Paperback of this book! Synopsis: A woman walks into Jim Richards office with a story of how her husband died due to his participation in the stage show of a local hypnotist. The man later walked into a casino and shot a few people before he was taken down by security, and the woman blames the hypnotist for his actions. Jim takes the case and goes on a quest to find the truth. Was his death part of a plot by the hypnotist and his shady business associates or acting on his own.

What was the motive for sending an innocent man to kill using simple hypnotic suggestions. Will there be more murders by other innocents? Angelo takes on the job with his past expertise as a leg breaker for the mob.

Smashwords – About Bob Moats, author of 'Wiseguy Murders', 'Santa Murders', 'Kennel Murders', etc.

Will he bring in his mob connections to find the kidnappers? Synopsis: Jim has solved the case of the man hypnotized into committing murder and now his book publisher wants him to go on a month long book signing tour around the country. Jim's books about his adventures in crime solving are doing well in sales. Jim agrees after Penny calls her studio and gets the month off to go with him.

They travel across the country and finally end up in Florida in a small town where people wait to meet Jim and Penny. While in this out of the way town, Jim finally meets his book editor who is from Florida and she comes into town to meet Jim. The book signing in the quaint bookstore goes very well, but later at their motel things go wrong. An attempt on the life of the book editor puts her in the hospital, hanging on for her life. Who would attack this woman and why.

Was it because she looked so much like Penny that the attacker got the wrong woman? Jim has to find out and another murder doesn't help. All in a days work for the Senior Citizen Sleuth, Jim Richards in this seventeenth book of the murder novels. Synopsis: Elvis has left this world. He was barbecued in a pink Cadillac on the Vegas strip and there were no witnesses.

But this wasn't the real Elvis, he was an impersonator in a Casino theatre and now Vegas Metro police will have to find the killer. But Lynn Carter, homicide detective calls on Jim Richards to help, there's just too many Elvises in Vegas at the moment with a Elvis fan convention going on.

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  5. Jim agrees to take the case and then the convention people come in to ask for protection. It seems that a number of the impersonators have been threatened and Jim asks Buck to loan a few guards for the cause. All while this is happening, Val and Blake from the Florida serial killer case come into town to get married and Penny is delighted, until Val announces she wants to get married by Elvis.

    Penny is not a fan of Elvis and having her husband chasing Elvises now makes her a bit crazy. Will Jim find the killer and resolve Penny's worries that Elvises will be following her also. Good times in this 18th book of the Jim Richards series of murder novels. Synopsis: Penny receives an early morning phone call from a cousin who says her husband was murdered in Las Vegas just before the Country Music Award show that was being presented in town.

    The dead cousin was a country singer who's songs were climbing up the charts and Jim takes the case to find the killer. Things get complicated when Jim and Penny find that the dead cousin was supposedly married to two women and his recording company was doing some double dealing on his fame. They agree to take the body of the dead singer back home to Arizona and while in the town they find more suspicious things going on. Back in Vegas, Lynn and Deacon have gone separate ways on the job, since their professional relationship was a strain on their personal lives. Life is tough for crime fighters, but Penny and Jim know their relationship is solid.

    Will Jim have to chase down more country singers at the big yearly award show in his quest to track a killer of a man who was driving a pick-up truck, married to two women and only the dog is missing from this country song. Synopsis: "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by the author Ray Bradbury was brought to mind by Jim Richards as a carnival has arrived in Las Vegas and is now the center of his attention for possible criminal activities.

    Children are starting to vanish and there's a number of jewelry store thefts involving most mysterious circumstances and expensive goods. Jim is asked by the parents of two missing boys to find them. The only clue he has is the handbill announcing the arrival of "Jacob S. Dark's Traveling Carnival and Wonder Show".

    To help, Buck and Mac go undercover in the carnival. Who is the mysterious Mr. Did he jump from the pages of Bradbury's book to claim souls in Vegas or is he evil of another form. Jim must hold on to his soul as he enters the world of the dark carnival.

    On the side, Angelo uses his mob connections to help find out who the mysterious Lucius Cole is and what his real connection is to the carnival people. All things are not as they seem in this twentieth novel featuring the senior citizen sleuth, Jim Richards along with Penny and his crime fighting friends. Jim has Buck take over the body guarding of the babes and then ends up involved with solving the murder. Buck also takes over protecting a famous pop singer from a crazy stalker but she ends up kidnapped, so Buck is joined by Earl Daws to find her.

    Jim and Deacon find too many suspects and little evidence while more models are being murdered. Will they catch the killer before the big Model competition for a million dollars. On the side, Jim is helping his ex-mob friend, Angelo, to finally open his restaurant. This is the 21st Jim and Penny book. Synopsis: Angelo DeMarko, former enforcer for a New York mob family and now personal friend of Jim and Penny finally got his wish, to open an Italian restaurant. Jim fronted the money and the restaurant was a reality. Open now just a month, a famed restaurant critic was going to review the restaurant and came to check it out.

    Later that same critic was found dead in the restaurant with his face buried in a plate of pasta. Who would want to murder the annoying man who gave everyone in the restaurant a hard time. While Jim and Deacon work the case they find a connection to the reviewer's past in government, was he killed by our own people in power. Blackmail could be the motive when the critic's gay lover is also murdered. Who is the killer?

    Also Jim has to contend with a woman appearing in his office claiming to be his long lost daughter. Is she really, or is she just scamming Jim and Penny? This is the 22st Jim and Penny book. Synopsis: A big talent competition in Las Vegas brings in participants from all over the United States. Millions of dollars and a huge contract is the prize for that one act that will headline on the Vegas Strip in one of the casino showrooms.

    Someone wants to stop the show, but do they want it bad enough to murder people? Or a judge? Jim goes in search of the killer as Penny becomes a celebrity judge for the contest. Will her life be in danger or will Jim prevent the killing before there are no more competitors? The obnoxious Howard Christensen did more time in the South Dakota system than anyone before or since; see above.

    Unfortunately for him, he ran into a guard out hunting in a nearby forest and was rearrested. Now 79 years old, he next comes up for parole in February Chattanooga Times Free Press, 5 Apr See table at the foot of this essay. Go crazy. Hang myself. Stab myself. Walter Kelbach: shot dead six in a five-day spree. Lance died, aged 69, in August Washington State. He went to prison in October , escaped death by hanging, and is eligible for parole in November In the meantime, he serves on, and is now well over 50 years into his stretch.

    West Virginia. Yet his attorney, J. The man at the heart of these apparent contradictions was a farmer with only a third grade education who got himself into trouble with the law while living in Wirt County, WVa, in In , he and four or five other inmates contrived a well-planned escape, cutting the lights at Moundsville state prison and setting a fire to distract attention. Three further killings were ascribed to him while he was on the run, two of which happened more or less simultaneously miles apart, and the third of which involved the murder of a boatman in Ohio.

    When Holly was eventually picked up, fast asleep in an empty house in South Carolina, he was tried for the killing of the trusty and the boatman. William Holly Griffith before and after: pairs of mugshots taken at the time of his arrest in , and after 44 years inside. Griffith went on to serve a further 12 years before dying, still in jail — though not before contriving a road trip to the west coast. Listing of record sentences served outside the U.

    Tony Rawlins, after and before. As a lifer, more than 50 years into his sentence left , and as a young child back in Big mistake. Likewise, his sense of taste and smell is almost gone…. Easy to get along with, but very listless. Jimmy Ennis has spent longer than any other prisoner in an Irish jail — plus years for killing farmer George Applebe in the course of a robbery gone wrong. He is more happy with his surroundings at Shelton Abbey, doing his gardening and odd jobs for locals and returning to prison at night.

    Contemporary descriptions of the mysterious prisoner suggest the mask he wore was made of velvet. The Man in the Iron Mask — whoever he was — served 42 years, from , in several different prisons. While free, he committed several further armed robberies. He had maintained his innocence, and a reinvestigation concluded that the police had probably beaten the confession that he made from him, as well as fabricating evidence. New Zealand. Having failed the Kia Marama programme for the treatment of sex offenders on four occasions, he remains in prison.

    The crime scene left by Harry Roberts, an unrepentant career criminal who shot dead three policemen in west London in Jouanna Thiec and the Huguenot connection. Marie Durand, a Huguenot martyr who served 38 years in jail for her beliefs during the 18th century. In the course of researching this listing, I stumbled across a very odd claim that lurks in only a couple of obscure corners of the internet — for example, here.

    First, the facts of the case, as they are supposed to be. Jouanna Thiec is supposed to have been one of the unfortunates who were imprisoned almost immediately after this revocation for refusing to renounce her faith. Unfortunately, the earliest version of this story I can find is dated no earlier than January This seems odd. Thiec, had she existed, would have been a notable martyr to her faith, and there is an abundant French Protestant literature, much of it dating to the late nineteenth century, devoted to those who stayed true to their religion in the face of persecution by Louis XIV and his son, Louis XV.

    The best known of these cases involves a woman named Marie Durand , who went to gaol in and stayed there until A modern painting, by Jeanne Lombard, showing Durand arms crossed and her co-religionists part-way through their sentences in the Tour de Constance in Aigues-Mortes. The listing below summarises, to the best of my current knowledge, the longest prison sentences ever served by any prisoners, at any time, in any country. It ranks all prisoners known to have served in excess of 60 years. There were several special sources of information, though.

    My grateful thanks to Germain J. Thanks, too, to commenters Edward Stengel and David Frigault for supplying tips and details of other fascinating cases. In South Dakota ,a young man murdered a girl and spent at least 59 years in prson he escaped the death penalty but got life with no parole Howard Christenson was the subject of a book ,59 Years by Pat Healy. Like you, I have not been able to find a copy of the book you mention. One was certainly being written, as of , by State Rep.

    Pat Haley [Dem, SD], who was himself a former prison guard, but I can find no record of it actually being published. There will be a story about the event this week to be published June 1st and a follow-up feature about the presentation and full story of Ada Carey in the Watchman on June 8th on the website.

    For those who did not see the Onida Watchman at the time, here is the story the paper ran in its 1 June edition. Paula Barber will be presenting a historical program about Ada Carey Thursday, June 2, to explain why the Eastern Star continues to hold memorial events in her name, 74 years after her untimely death. Ada Carey was a school teacher from Blunt who was murdered in Sully County, just northeast of Onida, on May 21st in She was 26 years old. As a teenager, Barber spent time studying and researching the Ada Carey murder case and feels that it is time to tell others about her findings; she wants to educate the newer members of the Blunt and Onida communities about the significance of the person Carey had been.

    Barber is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star 86 in Blunt and adds that Carey had also been a member. She was everything we advocate! However, Barber said that she just recently decided to host a public program. To learn more about the murder case of Ada Carey, attend the program at the Blunt Senior Center on June 2nd at p.

    The first in a two-part feature in the Watchman , 8 June , with the second part due on 15 June. Ada Carey remembered. On the morning of May 21, , Ada Carey climbed into her car at Gettysburg and started for her home in Blunt. She had stayed the night with a friend, having just finished teaching for the year at Frankfort.

    She had been a school teacher in Frankfort for the past two years, and summer vacation had just begun. On Thursday night, Carey had stayed in Gettysburg after visiting friends there. At about a. They looked to be about 18 years old, dressed in suits and cleanly shaven. Here it is:. Ada Carey remembered — Part II. Howard Christensen and Norman Westberg were young boys when they first met in a Sunday school classroom on the north side of Chicago. By many standards, the 16 and 17 year-olds were still young when they came to South Dakota, five years later in , with the purpose and intent of leading a life of crime.

    The boys had lived about a block away from each other and had both had run-ins with the law for creating mischief. Both boys had also experienced charges for shoplifting. Both youths were drop-outs, and, discontent with their jobs, they decided to set out on a crime spree. They developed a plan; travel to Seattle, Washington, and begin a pick pocketing school.

    The boys left Chicago May 15th and went first to Wisconsin to secure the money that Westberg had sent to his grandmother and was deposited in a bank there. The youth also stole a.

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    They next bused to St. Paul, MN and bought new suits of clothes and spent time in pool halls. It was during this time that they discussed the possibility of holding up some lone traveler in an automobile. They finally purchased a ball peen hammer that Christensen carried with him while Westberg carried the revolver.

    The boys arrived in Watertown, SD on Wednesday night. At the hotel, they gave the names of N. According to the night clerk on duty, the boys had looked well dressed and older than their real ages. During their stay in the Watertown hotel, the youth further detailed their plan for holding up a lone traveler. They agreed upon a signal which Westberg was to give his colleague, who would be seated in the rear, by folding down his second and third fingers while keeping the first and fourth fingers extended.

    They were set to put their plan into motion on Thursday morning when they hailed a ride from an elderly man driving a Ford sedan. However, as Christensen was climbing in the backseat of the car, the handle of the hammer protruded from inside his shirt where the potential weapon was concealed. The man became suspicious and watched them closely, so no hand signal was given and the man dropped the boys off at Redfield at about noon. They caught another ride in a truck driven by a wool buyer to Gettysburg. The boys later explained that they did not move on this driver because they did not want a truck for their travels.

    On Friday morning, after having stayed in Gettysburg, they decided again to try an altered plan; if possible, they would select a woman victim. They caught a lift on a truck from Gettysburg out to the intersection of highways and 83, about five miles west of Gettysburg. Highway 83 was then on the east side of Onida. This was around in the morning. When Miss Carey pulled over, Christensen climbed in the back seat, as pre-arranged, and Westberg climbed in the front.

    After traveling for 15 or 20 minutes, Westberg gave the signal and checked that his partner was aware. Suddenly, Westberg reached down and pulled the keys from the ignition, while pulling the gun out of his pocket at the same time. At the same time, Christensen leaned forward from the back seat and hit the girl over the head with the hammer which he had concealed within his shirt. Miss Carey then reached for the door handle and attempted to escape the car, but Westberg shot again, hitting her in the back, below the right shoulder.

    By this time, the car had turned into the ditch, and Miss Carey fell from the vehicle. The boys picked her up and loaded her into the back of the car, although she pleaded with them to be left where she was. The placed her on the floor in the rear of the car and covered her with their own luggage. Westberg got behind the wheel to drive while Christensen sat beside him in the front seat. As they were driving, Miss Carey partly rose off the floor, and Christensen hit her over the head with the hammer once more.

    Getting out and going again, the boys then noticed another automobile following them and became nervous. At this point, Westberg again lost control of the car and it entered the ditch again and the car flipped over on its top. Hiatt stopped at the crash site and found Miss Carey there, who told him she had been shot. Not wanting to move the girl, Hiatt went to a nearby farm and retrieved a farm wife to stay with the girl while he traveled on to Onida for help.

    Ryan took a statement from Miss Carey at the hospital, which included a description of the boys. Meanwhile, a posse was organized to search for the youths who had shot Miss Carey. The youths were found hiding in a patch of Russian thistle a few miles north of Onida about three hours later. The two boys jumped up and began running.

    Christiansen stopped upon the order of the men, but Westberg continued running until a couple of shots were fired over his head. The boys were brought before Miss Carey just prior to her death, and she was able to identify them. At that time, South Dakota did not have a capital punishment, although a life sentence was mandatory for murder. Paula Barber had made the connection to the crime committed north of Onida and the Eastern Star. I just found your blog and am SO glad I did. I read Batavias Graveyard when it first came out and loved every page of it.

    We seem to have the same kind of fascination with history and how mankind was able to endure and experience things that today we can only imagine. I have a fascination with geography, exploration etc. The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes is still one of my favorites. He met John Dillinger there. William Heirens, who spent a little over 65 years in prison, having died this year, , was second. Richard Honeck should be considered the 3rd longest serving inmate, having served 64 years. He recently passed away at age 88 in the New Jersey state mental hospital. Honeck was 20, he was born on January 5 and was arrested in September One question, was he tried by the state of Missouri or Illinois?

    Because it says his hometown was in Missouri but he was in an Illinois prison. Unlike today where life in Illinois is without parole, until life in Illinois meant parole after 11 years. One was a 21 year old named Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby who after a poker bar fight, went to a pawnshop and bought a knife and got into another fight with the same person resulting in the other being stabbed to death. He did this in and was convicted of 2nd degree murder in and sentenced to life in prison and sent to the Indiana state penitentiary where he stayed until being paroled in at the age of 89 and spent the rest of his life in a nursing home, dying in at age It is remarkable how a few people managed to spend 60 years or more in prison when comparing that an average life sentence for a capital offence at the time was 7 years and as far as I am aware none of the ones I mentioned were convicted of capital murder.

    Today Louisiana is the harshest jurisdiction on average with the sole possibility of the Federal government. Before however life in Louisiana meant much less than natural life. However unlike in most states of today, most offenders could receive parole in their sentence. In Louisiana parole came after one third of their sentence was completed. This means a prisoner sentenced to 15 years could still be released within 5 years on good behaviour.

    In Louisiana abolished parole for lifers however life was never mandatory at the time. However unlike the modern lifers who tend to only get out under mitigating factors or terminal illness, and usually after decades in prison, the lifer in Louisiana in those days was paroled after serving an average of 10 years and 6 months by the governor, and most lifers in Louisiana at this time were in for capital murder, some even being taken off death row prior to getting life.

    Then in the laws changed almost overnight. Suddenly a mandatory life without parole sentence was imposed on all convicted of 1st degree murder after introduction of this sentence, and then ordered all 2nd degree murderers serve a minimum 20 years of a life sentence, then in the law said 2nd degree murderers must now serve 40 years and on July 14 the state of Louisiana said all life sentences from now on would be without parole.

    This means the only parole eligible lifers in Louisiana now are a handful of 2nd degree murderers who committed their crimes between and , the only time since where life sentences came with the possibility of parole. Another state that is notorious for their harsh penalties when it comes to murder is Pennsylvania.

    by Mike Dash

    In Pennsylvania life imprisonment without parole is mandatory both for 1st and 2nd degree murder just as Louisiana a third state mandating life without parole for both degrees is South Dakota however at this moment I am not certain when they enacted these laws. Pennsylvania had abolished parole for life sentences in however it did not remain a mandatory sentence. The handful given life did not serve a real life sentences in the vast majority of cases.

    Though the Federal Government has always had Life Without Parole as a sentencing option, in reality it was rarely imposed, then in they said all life sentences now came with parole after 15 years, the only exceptions would be if a person on death row had his sentence commuted to life and a judge refused to give parole. Until the Federal Law Books dictated that life officially meant 15 years, then it was increased to 25 years and then to natural life on December 1 It is also much harder to get a pardon out of prison than it was in the old days.

    Meaning they could go to work outside of prison or go to school, some even owned their own cars which they could use to drive from and back to prison. In most states until recent decades parole for a life sentence came after 7 years. The statistics of say a life sentence had by this time increased to a national average of 21 years and risen to 29 by However unlike the days before the lock em up policies, there were much fewer lifers, most being in for murder or other serious offences of that nature. Now over a third of lifers are in for non-violent offences such as burglary, drug offences, shop lifting, drug trafficking etc.

    For example in Louisiana in only prisoners were serving life sentences, and at the time a lifer could usually expect an eventual pardon from the governor. In the Louisiana State Penitentiary from what I last heard of 5, prisoners in the prison, 2, were serving sentences other than life such as 90, or years. Few can complete their sentence in their lifetime, many will not make it to the parole board hearing, and most that do will never get paroled.

    The state of Florida abolished parole for 2nd degree murderers in and mandated they serve all 20 years or a minimum of years for any crime resulting in the discharge of firearms. That same year they mandated all lifers for 1st degree murder would now have to serve a minimum 25 years before becoming parole eligible. In the state of Florida abolished parole completely for those sentenced on 1st degree murder charges after the date of the new laws. In the state of Arizona the average life sentence use to mean about 13 years, then in the law was changed to say lifers sentenced for 1st degree murder must now serve a minimum 25 years.

    The average life sentence was the same in Wisconsin where parole came after roughly 11 years in most cases, however there were cases of some getting out after the mandatory minimum of 5 years. Of all the lifers in Wisconsin sentenced after , only 2 females have been paroled. The reason for longer sentences had little to do with crime rates.

    In the state of Michigan most lifers got pardoned by the governor. Then in they officially declared in Michigan that a lifer become parole eligible after 10 years. It was not until that Michigan changed the laws. In Michigan allowed parole for those convicted of the grams law however of the hundreds sentenced under this law, only six have been released at the time of writing.

    Other states like North Carolina abolished parole in In only 16 states had Life Without Parole in its law books, by all but Alaska had it however it should be clarified that Alaska does impose sentences of 99 years , the latest three states to introduce it were Texas, Kansas and New Mexico respectively. Texas introduced the sentence in , however on September 14 Life Without Parole became mandatory in this state for capital offences, before this law, the maximum penalty in Texas other than the death penalty was 40 years to life, same as Kansas which had it for murder with aggravating circumstances, other lifers convicted of murder in Kansas received sentences of 15 years to life before introducing the sentence in however just like a handful of other states like North Dakota, New Mexico and New York rarely impose the sentence.

    New Mexico introduced the sentence on August 1 Those given life without parole are the ones who would have received a possible death sentence prior. New Mexico like Connecticut did not abolish the sentence retroactively, therefore those on death row or who committed their crimes before August 1 can still receive death, however at the time if given life a lifer in New Mexico became parole eligible after 30 years, now they must serve a mandatory Life Without Parole for the same crime.

    The amount of people serving virtual life sentences is also much higher than what it used to be. Others like Jeffery Kolli and Russell Brandt are serving 7 life sentences plus years for robbing seven houses and restaurants. Until January 1 all life sentences in Georgia came with Parole after 7 years. By with more states introducing longer life sentences, the lifer population rose to 50, with 10, serving life without parole. By it had risen to over , with nearly 40, Now the lifer population stands at nearly , with approximately 50, serving life without parole sentences.

    It is interesting to note that as the lifer population increased, so did the percentage of those serving life without parole. Though the average time of a released lifer is after 30 years, it should be noted most lifers today do not get paroled, in fact in 6 states, Louisiana, Maine, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Illinois as well as the Federal Government all life sentences are without parole. In 22 states an average of 10 lifers out of thousands of applicants get released from each state every year, most for non-violent crimes after serving decades in prison.

    In the state of California out of 5, lifers who applied for parole in , the parole board only accepted 48 however the Governor revoked all but 1 approval. As noted the lifer population has gone up. In 26 states Life Without Parole is mandatory for 1st degree murder and mandatory for 2nd degree murder in South Dakota, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. The interesting thing to note is on average states with a death penalty have a lower mandatory minimum sentence than states without. South Dakota and Pennsylvania have only executed people voluntarily yet have the most strict 2nd degree murder laws other than Louisiana, while states like Texas, notorious for their executions usually allow murderers to become parole eligible after 20 years.

    In the state of Virginia which holds the 2nd highest execution rate at , most convicted of 1st degree murder in this state are eligible for parole after 15 years. I could go on further but I think I made my point that life sentences are significantly longer than they were decades earlier and is much harder to be pardoned when out of prison, and unlike most states which force prisoners to have careers making license plates or pick garbage on a desserted highway where a car goes by once a week, in the old days prisoners could have normal professional jobs, sometimes working outside prison as lawyers, engineers, chefs, a few even became doctors while in prison.

    How many years did he serve, and did he get released and does anyone know what happened to him?

    Thank you for that remarkably comprehensive comment — probably the longest on the site. You certainly deserve an answer to your questions. Herman Hundhausen successfully convinced the jury that Honeck had wielded the knife that killed Walter Koeller and that he was merely an accomplice. He was sentenced to 20 years , to be served in the same prison, Joliet, that Honeck was originally incarcerated in. I came across an interesting article for you and anyone interested in the Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby case. The article is short but tells the story of how he went to prison and though he was technically paroled in , after 17 months in a nursing home he went back to jail on his own because he said there were no jobs for him.

    This means he spent about 11 more years in jail to his already 67 years in prison 66 of which were in the Indiana State Penitentiary giving him a total of about 78 years and some months. Had he never been paroled he would have served over 80 years in prison all together. Can you imagine going to prison and getting out in ? Thank you, Rich. I really like looking through a post that will make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment! Pingback: Top 10 world records no one would really like to achieve - Listmellow.

    Great blog, btw …. I want to congratulate you on the time and effort that you must have spent on compiling this list. I have been doing some historical research on a topic for 15 years, and a couple of those years were 1 day a fortnight going down to the State Library of NSW in Sydney, Australia and scrolling through the microfilm copies of old newspapers for relevant press reports, so I can understand what you have done. Would you be able to guess how many hours you spent looking at old press clippings for this blog post?

    Thank you, Graham. Like you, I found my jaw dropping at the arsenal Honeck and Hundhausen assembled. This scares the shit out of me. How could you possibly comprehend the changes going in to jail in s and coming out in the 70s or 80s? For Sweden the record is assumed to be 67 years, a woman named Anna Lindersson was locked up in an assylum starting up to her death in , she never had a single visitor in those years. For accumulated time the record is probably held by pedophile Sten Erik Eriksson who has spent close to 70 years locked up in total, first locked up in for sexual relations with boys aged 14, then released in aged Then he was again locked up in for sexual relations with boys, then released in after being sterilized, then he was again sentenced in for sexual relations with boys, released in Less than half a year later he commit a rap-murder on a 8 year old boy and is sentenced in april to psychiatric treatments where he still remain as of february He is 85 years old and still considerer too dangerous to be released.

    I think she does deserve to be remembered, though, so, for English-speaking readers, here is a short summary of her case:. Anna Lovisa Lindersson was born in Stockholm on 10 October She remained in the asylum until her death on 16 April Thus far, none of the writers who have discussed her case have established exactly why she was sent to the hospital or why she was considered incurable. Do you know, which of the dates is more uncertain? Please keep up all the good work, cheers. Thank you for the update, I appreciate it.

    May this long continue. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Grigsby as I worked at the nursing home is was staying. I remember him giving me a nickel for a loaf of bread and not having the heart to tell him the actual price I just made up the difference. My great uncle is Albert Paul. The last of his siblings just passed away last winter. My father had a ship enclosed in a glass case that the inmates had made. Albert had given it to my grandfather his brother and my grandfather passed it onto my dad who in turn passed it on to my brother.

    It only holds sentimental value because my grandfather passed it on. Such disdain in this family for that man. His mother passed just after he was born …out of 11 or 13 children. Not sure the count right now without digging back thru the ancestry stuff. He was shuffled off to live with other relatives, his father was going back and forth between Canada and USA.